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Philadelphia Experiment - text


All would be sacrificed to get what's needed through. Once again the
world was at war we knew what to do. A union of the minds with Einstein.
Tesla to. They would do what couldn't be done witnessed by few. The laws
of science are falling. The laws of physics decay Gravity no longer holding
us down no longer will we obey. All of your rules we leave them behind.
They're made to be broken. They're crossing the line. The rules of the game
are made to the broken. Aboard the Elbridge they would spin magnetic fire
to make the ship and crew disappear that was their desire. The switch was
thrown the engines groaned a warning cry. Something had gone terribly
wrong there was no reply

They didn't know just how transparent they would be a fate most cruel was
suffered by those out there at the sea some bodies burst to flame and
madness claimed the rest. Others suffered flesh within steel was this
worth the test

Breaking boundaries pushing the limit never relenting where did they go.
The fabric will tear and into thin air they're far beyond visually cloaked.

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