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Nobody's Home - text


An' i know, yes i know that I'm the only one who is sticking
around here
But that's ok because I AM the only one who gives a shit about
being here
An' that's alright cuz I'm not alone but I can't deny this
sinking feeling as I grow,
cuz I'm here

But nobody's home

An' I dunno, yes i don't know,
why the door is open wide n' still I find myself waiting right
Everyday, I'm like in a cage but not exactly since I don't feel
any rage
Havin' fun I don't hate anyone
but still I miss my home and still I miss the zone
So why am I here

When nobody's home?

People don't understand me
They don't have nuthin' to say
I don't feel nothing but free
I don't have a home anyway

Alright, where the hell we goin'?
Sit tight, there is no way of knowing
Tonight, gotta keep the rhythm flowin'
Come daylight, we'll be overflowin'

Mom n' dad, where have you gone now?
Don't be sad you know I'll call you on the phone now
I've no fear, no broken bones just livin' in a universe where
nobody's home no
We're comin' up, we'll make you proud
Everything is gonna be alright I thought that you should know,
just why we're here

when nobody's home

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