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My Darling - text


First time I ever saw you
My world turned black and white
I'd live to quench your thirst and
Your precious appetite
Someday, someday
I'd kneel at your sweet alter
I'd be your sacrifice
Stars crashing through your window
At ten million Fahrenheit
Someday you'll see

That you've cast a spell upon me
Someday I'll let you know
Beautiful kisses baby
I'll never let you go
My darling
I'm watching

You're just a distance from me
Wish I could taste you so
We'd live forever complete
And death in stereo.
Someday you'll see

That you've cast a spell upon me
Someday I'll let you know
I'll wrap my chains around you
And never let you go.
My darling
I'm watching

Call me, call me
You won't be sorry
Call me, call me
Won't you call me please?
My darling..
I'm watching..

Someday we'll meet
You'll be so sweet
Will she love me?
Will she hate me?


My darling
I'm watching
Call me
Call me

Rainy Day Waiting

It's alright
It's okay
When I think about the ways
The memories radiate.
It's okay
It's alright
When I think about those nights
When everything was so right.

I wait for you
That's all that I do
In a house that's made of stone
Crowded house but all alone
Empty promises echo in my head
In a house that's made a stone
In a house where no one's home.

I feel dead
I feel alive
When you departed I arrived
But I'm never two steps behind
I gotta dream you gotta see
I gotta get it
But I'm so fucking useless
Only wish I could lose this.


Had a dream last night that the whole world died
And I was responsible but I could not even lie.
Then the next day came and I felt the same
I could not erase, emptiness remained
So I cut myself and I watched the rain
And I bled until I could love again

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