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I Have Awakened/Across the Sea of Madness - text


There we stood paralyzed in the starry night
as the creature slowly slithered
its way towards the few of us that were still alive.
As it towered over us it was
deep inside our conscious minds
in complete control of our nervous systems

Then, all at once I was bombarded
with a rush of its psychic memories and
impressions as it communicated
an impossible amount of data to me in a
way that would have driven most men mad

Were that I was able to explain
to you the cosmic nature of this forbidden
knowledge, but alas, the human language
is laughably inadequate and
incapable of such description.
Let it be said that the creature is made up of
harnessed, concentrated, pure evil.

Born from a race as old as the stars
themselves and quite transdimensional as well it seems.
Then it spoke to us a message
that still echoes in my head to this day.

"You are to be my vessels, my slaves,
for I have awakened." Then it sealed
itself back within the massive
stone sarcophagus from which it came.
We labored for weeks as we dragged
it across the desert to the nearest
seaport. It was quite easy to commandeer
some pirates who lusted for gold,
to take us and our new master here to London.

We set out to the sea dragging the sarcophagus
That held within the beast, across the desert dunes
We finally came upon a ship to carry us away to England

Turn this ship into the wind and lay the gauntlet down
Thundering the vicious waves attack the wooden hull
This trek will take us where the master has commanded
Where he will usher in a horrible hideous new age

The fury of the wind drives us fast across this sea of madness
Will it ever end this nightmare just goes on and on
This insanity breaking like the raging sea of madness
All humanity if this ship survives all will be lost

Something drives this vessel pushing past the point of no return
We feel the violence of the ocean ripping us apart
Supernatural the way we move and navigate
The very laws of nature bending to my master's will

Across the sea of madness
We told the crew not to disturb it's best to just leave us alone
We huddled in the cargo hold next to our master's tomb
One deckhand snuck right down the stairs
Pretending I was still asleep I watched him meet his grisly end
As my master fed it took him and drained him of all of his life
One tentacle grabbed him before he could cry out for help
Through my master's eyes, I felt it as he died
Melding with my mind, I was horrified

I could not tell which thoughts were mine
It manipulates my mind I was beginning to unwind
I think I like it, Azim had finally given in
The beast was now inside of him
He served the monster's every whim, I tried to fight it
The crewman was lifeless quite dead and defiled
The beast threw his body, it splashed as it fell to the sea
Forced through the porthole flesh tearing without soul
I could not keep control of my terror

We finally reached the port of London in the dead of night
After several days we managed to secure this secret place
Through the darkness we moved the beast unseen by prying eyes
Where we began the task to remake the world in his image

All will be lost, across the sea of madness
We sail across the sea

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Video přidal DevilDan

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