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Four Leaf Clover - text


Staring at life through the blink of an eye
Day after day doing everything right
But finding yourself at the back of the line
Hostility in the back of your mind
Sometimes you feel like the world is laughing
Spinning around on the tip of a pin
Confidence holds up the phone to your ear
The caller predicts where you’ll be in a year
Oh, if time is on our side
Then why are we waiting?

Four leaf clover
Four leaf clover
Come on over
Four leaf clover
Oh, four leaf clover
Come on over

Here’s to the fortune
Here’s to romance
And here’s cosmic nature of chance
But whatever happened in New York City?
And what will the rest of the century bring?
Fate is a hammer, fate is a spring
Winding up tightly around everything
But don’t look away for a moment
You’ll miss your fortune uncoil
At the flick of a wrist
Oh, with time upon our side
There’s no use waiting


Floating through the void
No existential choice
There’s no control, no control.
Our superstitious voice
Claims luck is such a whore
And no one’s free from destiny.


We will not wait for you
But what else can we do
We haven’t got the time
Our faces turning blue
We shouldn’t wait for you
But what else can we do
Four leaf clover?

Oh, four leaf clover
C’mon over
Oh, four leaf clover
Four leaf clover

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