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Fear and Sex - text


There’s trouble in the air today
It’s ringing loud and clear
The monster has a face today
So beware of the butcher
And the baker
and the Candlestick faker
Cause here they come.

See them marching on.

The righteous have a cause today
And who’s to say they’re wrong?
Mom n’ dad where are your children
They’re in the streets a rioting, looting and
Killing and burning America.

Truth you can decide.

Climbing higher
Ever closer to the sky
But they didn’t notice
That the Earth was falling
What a price to pay for
A point to make known.

As two worlds collide
You must take a side
As there is a day
Surely there’s a night
You can find the truth wrapped in every lie
You were given eyes
So you can decide

You cannot run
You cannot deny
Truth is a place
made for you and I
that you can’t deny
you cannot run
you cannot deny
truth is a place
made for you and I
that you can’t deny

Each and every day
There will be a time
There will be a place
Heads will fill with lies
History erased
Each and every day
Each and every way
There will be no wrong
That is what they’ll say
So blow them all away

Let history decide.

Truth you can decide (16X)

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