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Eat Your Filth - text


Step up to the platter,
some say it doesn't matter.
Looks like you've got it goin',
let it showin', so where ya' goin'?

We've got to find a solution.
We've got to break this illusion
that everything is going "as planned."
We've got to start to from the bottom,
find all of the bastards and get them,
take back what's been given out.

Eat your filth
Swallow it down with the dessert now...

Hey there dirty mind,
take a closer look and you may find,
those things you covet here and now,
may someday slip away from you somehow.
Upside and inside out,
you've got your fingers in your ears,
can't hear the shouts,
or feel the pain.
These things from which you hide,
may find you someday.
You're not my kind.
Self-made divine,
so lead the blind.
Soiled, dirty,
no relation.
One day will come
You are so vain,
no need for you.
Spreading the pain
of your kingdom.
Have you no shame?
Rotten liar.
You are to blame,
brought hell a little higher.

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