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Cassandra - text


She needs more not built to last lying on the floor
She needs it fast that wizard said go get a girl
There's only one girl in the world
Who's body that none can resist
Perfectly poisonous lips seductively thrusting her hips
Beating you with chains and whips

Cassandra, some men gave their lives up for you
Cassandra, there's just one more thing you must do

I went to her cell late at night, a raven beauty what a sight
Oh how her eyes they did seduce
But I slipped a pill into her juice
As she sat there on the bed, she pulled me close to her head
As I succumbed to her charms, she fell asleep in my arms

You're a beautiful dream that came true
Now settle down my dear and enjoy the ride

I snuck her body out in a cart
I took her over to Allistar, my angel wife said get the witch
Now strap her down and throw the switch
Cassandra pleaded and wailed then verbally was assailed
Shut up bitch was the yell coming from Annabelle

Grinding stones sounds from the floor
It had begun she needed more
Pretty Cassandra began to scream
From her mouth came smoke and steam
I watched it all in the glow
Heard something strange from below
Cassandra arched up her back
I saw something slimy and black

Oh my poor dear Cassandra

Text přidal DevilDan

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