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Blinded by Rage - text


A week or two, that's all we made it through
Bad signs were showing again I just knew
We gave up Cassandra so this would not be
Annabelle was acting so secretly
I had to find out what was behind her strange behaviour
Did she think I was blind?

Shed lock herself into our room
I'd knock and she would not come out
I sense immense impending doom
I had no doubt, our nightmare was about to begin

I was blinded by my rage and seeing red
If he did something to my wife I'll have his head
There must be something that the Arab had not said
I was blinded by my rage and seeing red

Then one day I left early in the rain
I'd spy on my family make sure they're OK
I went to the back, put boxes in a stack
Wiped rain from the window and tried to relax
My view improved, her clothes were removed
I saw baby Jacob and her back was so smooth
She had our son a feeding had begun
She sat so awkwardly something was wrong

I was blinded by my rage and seeing red
God only knows what little Jacob had been fed
So very strange the way she held her crooked head
I was blinded by my rage and seeing red

I leapt from the window and ran to the front door
Ramming my shoulder to find it was locked
Firing my pistol, it blasted to splinters
I forced my way into the bedroom and shock

Inside I found my bride became a monster
Tentacles flailing, they came from her chest
Split open wide from her neck to her navel
Feeding our son something not from her breast

Annabelle's eyes were as white as a blizzard
Her jaw was detached with a tongue like a snake
Hissing and rasping a voice like a lizard
All this insanity too much to take

I made my way with my blade to baby Jacob
Cutting the sinews that now held my son
I recognized just what the hell they were made of
The same blackened tissue from when this begun

Annabelle fell to the floor she was reeling
I grabbed my son knowing her mind's not her own
I wanted to kill her right there was my feeling
Then saw her change back to her human form
I tied her up loaded her into the carriage
Dropped off my son to Mrs. Watkins close home
Racing to Allistar to save my marriage
Never before have I felt so alone

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Video přidal DevilDan

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