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Beholder - text


I woke from a dream to a camp full of screams
And sounds so obscene, what was out there?
By the light of the moon the door of his tomb
I saw was removed, death everywhere

On this black starry night this monster will feast
Some kind of god, some kind of beast
Old as the stars, master of men
It's the beginning and it is the end

Stare in the eye of the Beholder
Sanity's lost, there's no escape
Burning your mind, it starts to smolder
You have been caught, your mind has been raped
Stare into the eye of the Beholder

Fast as a snake no way to escape such a horrible fate
A river of blood stained the sands
Again and again both camels and men
Were slaughtered right then, they had no chance

Beyond belief hard to describe, tentacles twisting up to the sky
Huge as a house skin slimy and black,
eight horrible eyes staring straight back

Fifteen of us left standing alive,
paralyzed as it spoke to our minds

A rush of its thoughts invaded my head,
a lesser mind would have gone mad
"I have awakened, you are now mine"
There was no other choice to be had

It would mandate we shared its fate
to repopulate the world with it
It went back inside take me for a ride,
of course we'd abide on to England

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