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Behind the Walls of Newgate - text


I'm the reaper the sealer of fate
Make your peace before it's too late
In this prison they call Newgate
I am the hand of doom
Shed no tear I'm blind to it all
Surrounded by death
But still l stand tall
Haunted by horrors
Behind these great walls
One day you'll meet me too
Behind the walls

Pick a prisoner to be sacrifices
Dead man walking makes it all right
Tell myself it's to save my wife
I'll do what I must do
Allistar gave me a pill
I made him (Jarvis Felton) choke on it til he lie still
I must admit it gave me a thrill to whom I did it to

Behind the walls - the horrors they hide there is no escape
Behind the walls of Newgate
Behind the walls - a noose on your neck a victim of fate
Behind the walls of Newgate

Jarvis Felton the worst of the worst
It was my pleasure to make him go first
I fashioned my carriage into a hearse
It would be his tomb
Little lies to get past the guards
Wheeling his body crossing the yard
Keeping them silent would not be hard
They were all my crew

Allistar was glad I arrived
Let's check the body make sure he survived
Jarvis Felton was still alive slowly coming to
Take his body bring him inside
And this must be your lovely bride
Brace yourself you're in for a ride
For what we're about to do

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