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Behind Barz - text


[Intro: Cadet]
Lets go
It's ya boy Cadet
Underrated legend
This is my story yeah, true story
Shout out all my followers
Everybody that supports
Everybody that tweets
Underrated legend
Let's go
A'ight boom

[Verse 1: Cadet]
So I turned Muslim when I was fifteen
Yeah man I knew what it means
But I didn't know deen
I didn't yearn for hype
But hype did bring Islam to the scene
Well now I'm Muslim like most of my team
It weren't in my heart, but it was in my speech
I'm a young nigga living in a dream
I can have a book in my bag or a knife in my jeans
Man I was more into black history
Ya know tryna to find out about man's fathers
And I can talk about that all day long
But I'm Cadet, I ain’t Swiss or Akala
Now most of my family is Christian
But it's not like, any of them know the bible
It's more like following suit
Like my Nan would've told my mum do as i do
But i done as they never did
See I was sick from the roads
And the book was my medicine
My Nan she had the maddest jokes
Like, come and give Nana a hug you look a terrorist
Uh, but it's all banter
Truth is I didn't care about religion
Bare people turned Muslim for hype
And the fact of the matter I was one of them niggas
Man until I meet Tally and the bill
They took a nigga that was savage in the field
Took a knife out and put a pen in
And gave me a purpose man it's so real
You see, I went from saying assalamualaikum
For the sake of it
To assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
But I can't stop music it means too much
The grime tempo my heart beats too much
I know that the shit that I'm doing is haraam
[?] come at my face man you pree'd too much
And you ain't gotta tell me I ain't on deen
I know what comes with the music scene
And if I'm gonna go hell then cool
There's no better reason than chasing a dream
Like, I ain't trying to sound cliché
But it's the first time I ever chase me a dream
Like why would God help me
I was that same nigga with that kitchen in his jeans
Like I ain't trying to go jahanam
See I just want to use the gift that he gave me
But since you like hearing my stories, cool
Let me tell you the one that made me
A'ight so, I must of been about 6 or 7
My Mum she was throwing me a party
It was my birthday and I was gassed
And plus I was gonna see my Dad
See I was a Daddy's boy
But I wanted to be ya know when he was around
It was my birthday I'm excited
Even my cousin from East came down
Now, you said that he bought me a Mega Drive
And back then they were the lick
And yeah I told my cousins you can play that
Cool, but [?] I'm gonna go first in this shit
I was said that he would come around 5
Right now it's around 8
Everybody's saying that he ain't gone come
I told 'em "shut up" and that he's just late
See I remember running into my room
Putting my face up against that window
'cause that window's at a mad angle
So I can see when he would be on this road
Mum said "come away from that window"
I was like "no Mum because he gone come"
She said "at least come and blow out your candles"
And I was like "no Mum because he gone come"
Yo, I feel asleep at that window
The side of my face went numb
And yo I missed my whole fucking birthday
'cause I was thinking that he gone come
Now, I know that it might sound dumb
'cause I moved on, but it still lives with a kid
But right now I'm 25 and the fact is
I ain't ever celebrated a birthday ever since
I grew up mean with no merky with a kid
Try celebrate but it would burn me ever since
And that ain't even where it gets peak
Let me tell them
Link Up I beg you turn it up a bit
See me I grew up in Clapham
And that's where I spent my teens
See I was on Nelsons Row
And across the road was McD's
Now when I linked up with my Dad
He told me the truth
He told me he was on crack
He was in a dark space ill but he's moved on
Is a strong man he ain't never going back
Now that day he had my Mega Drive
But he sold it quick for that fiend
And guess where this man sold it
Across the road in McD's it was peak
But you know what, that ain't even what changed me
Even after the bullshit there that ain't even what made me
Uh, a broken man my Dad be yeah he used to
But that used to is so used to
Now let me tell you the man that I'm used to
Excuse you if you think it's been a smooth route
We just couldn't connect like it were Bluetooth
He would say a funny joke to make the room move
I was trying not to crease like it was new shoes
We would go out to eat sit in a new booth
Wouldn't be a happy meal there's not a fruit [?]
You knew that that man I be real to
Is now the compass I stay true to
Feds put me in a box like Sudoku
He'd get me out the box like it was new Loubs
Interview come he took me for a new suit
Fuck then I'm just glad I know the new you
I refuse to not appreciate the shit that you do
Are you mad my friends ain't talk about dads
It ain't a thing
But me I'm lucky that my one is a king
See you went from being the guy that I could drop to
To being the guy that I compare God to
Of course I'm happy when I see my Dad
[?] joints and man when you brought it through
Went from smoking rock to rocking the hardest suits
My Dad is the man
I just want to buy you a diamond watch ya know
Put a different kind of rock in your hand
Ya know the shit that you done for the kid is peak
I can't even put it in to speech
Man you even downloaded Twitter for me
Just so you can re tweet
That shit there gets me hyped
So who cares if I don't make it in music
'cause that man there made it in life

[Outro: Cadet]
Yo, Underrated legend man
Cadet Cadet
You don't know man

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