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Ages ago in a region far North
There godly breath roared throughout the earth
Shaped the stones, built mountains high
Invoked forests verdant and oceans wide
Then made rapids to roar across the wild untamed
With blooming fields of gold woody lands he framed
Gave name to all those places that yet were without
Or at least that was what he thought
For there was a place he did not know of...

the beast with all its consorts sent down from heavens above
to expose the deeds of the day when the angels fell from heaven into hell
but i saw the beast rise out of the deep and he stood on heads, flesh, and hoof
and here's what he said, "today i'll burn your soul"

well he's never come to this before
there's a far bank over breaching the shore
he climbed up on the ranks with people flesh
"well i might just clear here and leave you all to burn"
and so the people dance upon today
and so i live; i've never fucked a fang
swallowing winds see what suffering can comprise
i'll reach around the port-holes with this guise

and august is when the wrym rears to play
awaken farmer; his shadow is near
colossal demon who shows no fear
violent to kill on this august day
and the shadow is here to shelter, to slay us all

their apocalypse has never been seen
for it, it is composed of high and low
this is not the worst possible diarama to paint the worlds of fear
in a river from the top deck, men saw storms forming north swallow
these violent judges, these noble beasts
the fire has claimed more

Majestic sight it must have been
When the Griffin twins took on the wing
Faster than winds, shreaking like hell
Seeking the one who disturbed their peaceful sleep
Their beating wings revives the dreaming fire
Now those flames burn forever more
With sparkling claws they shatter the earth
And rape the dawning life
Underneath the blaze of Morningstar

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