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All I want is brick house with a porch that wraps around
All I want is land enough for my children to run
In the highest pitch of grace, the end of trial and gratitude
It was for you that all others I did forsake
For you all others I would forsake
How could it have been so often that we did speak of purpose and of having
Dreamt his body with his back to the lake, certain depths I cannot place
Walk and talk fine through all of the days, still I miss the words you’d say
Past the point now of trusting it to change
I've just learned to live around it
Still, I will sleep too long or I will hardly sleep at all
So from where does energy come
Meet me by the fire door, of happiness I don’t ask more
She is who I cut root vegetables beside, with you still in my mind
It is with them that we spend our nights, laughter that tides through the rest
But I liked it best when the morning had not left
And wake was not yet in your eyes
High, high, high, low, low, low
I would have seen you through both
Sunshine Marmalade

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