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I'll build a house- of water
I'm searching high- and low
Underneath the waves
Where they hit the rocky shore
Out by the lighthouse

Heard nature say
I'm sorry-
for stones and trees down below
for those who tumble in Gods name
to an early grave
into the sea and foam
like ships tossed in a storm
and I'm standing all alone
out by the lighthouse

I'll build a house- of paper
Covered with words I can read
She had to teach me what to say
And every year we stayed
Out by the lighthouse

I'll build a house- so level
With 7 walls- long and true
The day we raised that roof up high
Unto the fading light
We sang the whole night through
& no one needed proof
& I could see the moon
out by the lighthouse

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Video přidal PsychoKiller

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