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Finite = Alright - text


350 cities in the world
Just 30 teeth inside of heads
These are the limits to our experience
It’s scary, but it’s alright
And ev’rything is finite

Only one record in this whole wide world
Where Jimi Hendrix sings “House Burning Down”
Another Elvis will not come along
He got wasted but it’s alright
And ev’rything is finite
Yeah he got wasted, but it’s alright
And ev’rything is finite

I’m just a baby in my Daddy’s arms
Who will protect me from these women’s charms
I’m 6 ft. tall, but I can barely speak
My mind goes crazy when the taste is sweet

(Well) We’ve known each other eight years and twenty days
It’s terrifying, it’s beautiful too
Things have an end but feeling is infinite
We’re changing, but it’s alright
‘Cause only things are finite
Yeah changin, alright,
Things, finite

Text přidal PsychoKiller

Video přidal PsychoKiller

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