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Lester Sands (Drop in the Ocean) - text


Lester Sands has been working very hard
keeping up with what's gone down
Lester Sands is really in touch
with what is whose in town
Lester Sands bores the ass off me
Lester Sands is a big head case
I am getting so sick of the sight
of Lester Sands' face

He thinks he'll be someone someday (no way)
he thinks he'll get somewhere someway (no way)
Lester Sands is a drop in the ocean

He'd better pull himself together
do something speedy or else
Lester Sands will be shown the ropes
and Lester Sands will hang himself
Lester Sands big mouth extraordinaire
he's pulled a muscle in his head
Lester Sands strings words together
cos his senses have fled

He thinks ...

Lester Sands is a stupid f***er
Lester Sands will stay that way
Lester Sands just gathers his trash
and brings it round every day
Lester Sands - think you'd better scram
if you wanna get out alive
or are you looking to get friendly
with somebody's bunches of fives

He thinks ...

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