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Take it back
I won..t give
One more inch
But I..m afraid to hurt you
Hurt you what could I do
Like I could do to you what he does
Or half of what you have done to us
Remember when I asked you
If you were proud
She..s proud she has enough strength
To bruise herself
You gave her your disease
And he gave you hell
She has the strength to hurt
But not save herself
I want to write
Days without eating
Or even breathing
Thanks for the asthma
It..s all you gave me
And all you gave her
By always needing
Was this dependency on human beings
Remember when I said
We..d forgiven you
I..d never take that back
We believe in you
I know you have the strength
I know she does too
But I can..t trust myself
Or what I might do
She has our strength
Strength to hit so hard
She leaves both her hands bruised
Just like he leaves her face
But I can..t trust myself
Or what I might do
What I might do
Take it back
Take your life back
Take her strength back
Take my faith back
Take this hate back

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