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Love Confusion ft Christian Beadles - text

I like how you would tell me its a beautiful day
When the rain is, pouring down
I like how you didn’t like me
But you still kept yourself on coming around
I like how you get me with those eyes
yes you do
I like how i have to question if
you like me too?

Try my best not to want you baby
But I still am, missing you crazy
Back up its going to far so save me
Its coming to an end
Cause i dont know the plan so im taking a stand
Now its time to tell me if Im winnin or losin
In this game of love confusion


I hate how you think you know everything, but you don’t
I hate how you say you’ll do it when, I know you really won’t
I hate how you get me with those brown eyes
yes you do
I hate how after all of this, I still love you


Those other girls are tag along
Your the reason for my song
Your Ms. Right don’t get me wrong
So sorry that the wait is long
When your around you give me wings
Red bull style I’m like a king
You could be my future queen
But i need time not to be mean
Your beauty I have never seen
Sure have make the heaven sing
Please dont play me I get nervous
Like the tight rope at the circus
Million bucks oh yes your worth them
Only human never perfect
Your respect I wanna earn it
Cause I feel like you deserve it


Text přidala JoJo33

Video přidal Alheiza

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