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Bound are ways the morning's setting in
Not content with basking in your whim
Then, in days of old your outshun life remains untold
But if you only knew the heights you had been through
The noon grew high, it's time to hit the sky
Picture fails, die poor or keep on trying
This ain't where ambition keeps you flying
So you settle for concrete and mob rules claiming more
Girl, if you only knew what I got here on you
Passed out in voyeur, trying to break on through
How Much your woe
if your heart takes no more
It’s hard not to fail in a pond
Hide out your Ghandian abuse
Noone owns up where they cum
Feel sensation, sensation is good
Guilt where it’s due, like when you're numb
Greed rise, egoes are prized
But there's no honour in dirt
The worms in the grave, maybe they will care
Rape from the rear where it hurts

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