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Exposed to the Heat of Solace - text


Cometh unto me
Cometh unto me

Do what thou wilt
So mete it be

When did will turn into rights?
When did guilt turn into justification?
Where will you go when they let go of
your hand outstretched in the hollow?
Once or twice or a million times
They let you try till you die or resign to their cry

Bow to the feet of the newly bred vow for our hearts
Taught from day one
“Thou shalt not act upon thyself if we need thy solace”
Cometh unto me, I can give heat for your flesh
I turn your sorrow to hedonic heights by our alms

Now in trade for freedom, we have set your real doom
We need you to need us, we need your effort
Consider us your shepherds, that's how we relate to you
The wool you grow belongs to anyone who's in need

And if the depts are flattening, trust me, we can fix it
Always there's a way to play your hearts by the guilt
Just by entering this world, you ought to pay
With all of your life and all you take on within

The tribe will dance with the mantric stance
that a human's worth is approaching zero when alone

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