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King of the demimonde - text


Yes yes
I gotta confess
All the weight of the dawn
Yes Yes
There's blood on your best dress
And I know what you want

I want you gone

Oh no
You copped at the show
Now you're gonna get high
Oh no
There's nowhere to go bro
That's the look in your eye

I want you gone
I've been alone cause I'm feeling high
I threw my problems away
I feel the earth go up to the sky
Forty hours a day

Two times a week my sisters say
One a day to keep them away

Pick up the phone cause I'm on the line
And I got something to say
I feel that you and I are the kind
That'll throw it away

Two times a week my sisters say
One a day to keep them away


So now you know what it means to wing it
Right at the top of the world
You didn't know that the shoes would fit you
Now you're under the gun

So now you know
Why it's so nice
As you look to the dawn
That's right
That feeling was nice nice
And I know what I want

I want you gone

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