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Madness, mindless, all-consuming
Parasitic infestation
Crawling inward
Deeper, deeper
You cannot stop the spread
Constant torment
Massive neural hemorrhaging
Through psychosis
Dying tissue
This flesh will now rot away
The contagion worms its way through
Fibrotic nerve endings
Engorged upon grey matter
Shutdown begins
Psychotic paroxysm
Epileptic trauma shock
Contorted paralysis
Twisted agony
This is your hell
Subject is undergoing
Signs of mental decay
Lapse in synaptic activity
Brain cells degenerate
Cerebral mutilation
Result of malignant infection
Your prognosis
Is a fucking coffin
The disease rapidly spreads
Throughout the victim's body
Programmed cell death
Epidermal decomposition
Vital fluids leaking
From fissures in the skin
The human condition
Is to rot
Pestilence bores through rotting pores
Larvae swarm the carcass
Spreading plague
Biological genocide
Global contamination
Horrific epidemic
Consuming the masses
Final judgement of all creation
End of the fucking world

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Entity of Disease

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