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As I stare at this piece
I cannot comprehend what is before me
I cannot bear what I see
Staring at what cannot be controlled
Walking into the grey tunnel of uncertainty
My instincts tell me to fear what I do not understand
But my mind tells me to accept
I fail to see the greater picture
Concepts escape me
My ideals, my thoughts, my opinions thrown into question
What I once held so dear
Now meaningless
A void unparallelled with consciousness
As I stare at this piece I fear
I fear what I do not understand
My struggle with sanity and truth
Consuming my mind
My only craving is clarity
A clarity that I cannot grasp
I cower before the sight
The sight of this piece
I question the creator's motives
This piece must be abstract by design
An internal collapse of catastrophic proportions
All of mankind will bow before its greatness
We are all just mortals before this piece
Before this piece
Abstract by design
Abstract by mankind
Never have we existed
Never have we existed

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An Internal Collapse


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