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Time passes by
I feel your heart beat next to mine
We're still together
With you I learned the art of love the thing that changes the way we feel

After that night my heart was broken
You were always there
You made me like complete

I couldn't see your light was fading
I couldn't see the sun go down
I couldn't see that you were aching
Forgive my dear
I was blind

In a blink of ae eye the tables were turning (thrown) into turmoil
Making my world collide with every endeavor
I touch the stone
My world's collapsing
You were always there
You made my life complete

Now I can feel my light is fading
I can see the sung go down
Finally I'll get rid of this aching
I will be there tonight

Wait for me dear
I will join you
I can't go on with out
You by my side
Wait for me dear
I will join you
I can't go on
I want to be untied

Now it's my time

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Video přidala DarkRider

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