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An Absence Of Mine - text


So I've found a new one, and I'll colour it the some as i did before
And we'll speak in new tongues, there's no words
So I've found a new one, and it's hidden in pages only I see
I promise there's no words

We'll hide this place and they'll never know
And I'll tear myself opnrt just to watch you grow
You won't see what i see and you'll never know
The height you climb is as for us you fall

Find truth in arms of others, through closed doors where I posses the keys
and build walls for my amusement, bury you in this history
There's no words
So where do I find peace?
You reach out after me
you bring me to my knees
Bury you in my history

I won't tell, another you exists
Your touch is a ghost, inside this room i built this home, a spark from my tongue, there's no words.

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