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Coming Back - text


January rain come wash these bloodshot eyes from me
I got some shine here in my pocket
Fresh from the hellholes in these Angel City walls
And it’s down they go to build up some bravery

In wilder times, I fought my mind
To crave the clearer view
Now I’m sold and everything gets old
But I know I’ll come back to you

Doesn’t Franklin Boulevard remind you of cocaine?
No sleep, no changing your jeans
Driving round in that faded blue piece-of-shit t-top olds mobile
With no cigarettes to keep you company

Oh, hey, that 101 was fast and fun
Down thru that sweet Cahuenga slue
I slide in style up that miracle mile
On my way back to you

These animals won’t give in
No they make it pretty easy to despise them
Might as well let them win
Catch a plane to New Orleans

Oh, but once I’m gone and away too long
L.A.’s the only shoulder I can lean on
Put my feet upon
And fade into the scene unseen, I say

Where have all my kinfolk gone
All the underdogs and thieves
I had to guess, I’d say
They all broke their legs

Pacing round on these outpatient grounds
In the frosty summer heat
If you can suffer the days
The nights will set you free

Oh come on let’s go outside no stars in the sky
But nighttime jasmine blooms
With miner’s lungs and a liar’s tongue
I’ll always come back to you

Hey, in wilder times I fought my mind
To crave the clearer view
But now I’ve been sold and things get old
And everything will come back to you

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