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Bluesy Larue - text


I was lost and getting old, living alone on hill of gold
Spend most days sleeping and most nights weeping
One night I went down to meet a friend. He and his girl came a stumbling in
She said “Hi”, I said “Hi”
It was July and all summer long I never left that girl alone
That was only a year ago. Just like any other miracle
You came and stride with those little kicks form inside

And Bluesy Laruesy when we both heard the newsy
Your Daddy cried, your mama tried to be everything for everyone
And she was. Yes, she was
But Bluesy Laruesy neither one of us was choosy
We just wanted a baby girl called Bluesy Larue

Times got rough. You'll come too know, that' sometimes how these stories go
It ain't always pretty. Sometimes it's shitty
But through it all I'm proud to say, me and your mama did it our own way
There was love all along, even when shit went wrong
So here we are, three weeks away. Wish you were here already, we can't wait
We just got married. Not that you'd care if we'd been down the aisle or not
What's the difference if you got what we got?
All love is the same. You can give it any name, like

Bluesy Laruesy if you ever feeling woozy
Just close your eyes, your mama and I will be right along to sing this song
While you dream and forever in-between those
Bluesy Laruesy, first words and tie up your shoesy
There'll be nothing we won't dosy for Bluesy Larue

“So long” to those party nights. Don't think I miss them much, I'll be alright
Probably won't be sleeping and you'll be the one weeping
I bet you'll have your mama's eyes. I bet they look the same as soon as when she cries
And have the same effect on me
Guess what, it's July. And all summer long I don't expect to leave my little girl alone
You will never be alone

And Bluesy Laruesy if you wanna take a snoozy
Your mama's fine, your daddy's fine
We got everything and everyone here we could want
What more could we want?
And Bluesy Laruesy we could have named you Suzy
But the only name for yousy was Bluesy Larue

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