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Wall of Silence - text


I hate to say it but I hear children crying
I can't hear nothing but there are people dying
I must say something so I keep on trying
To break this wall of silence

Man on the news used to say we was insecure
But he can't tell those lies no more
We kill ourselves daily
Just can't keep score
My way is paved with corpses

I was told there'll never be a world war three
What's all this terror coming down 'round poor me
Gun in every pocket
Gun in every street
Can't beat the wall of silence

Like powder and steel can make you feel free
You wake up and find it's just a bad dream
Like coke up the nose
And you must face reality

If these walls could speak
I wonder what they'd say
Would they whisper a curse
Or recite a phrase
They promise you love
But brother you ain't going nowhere
Inside the wall of silence

They promise you the earth
But buddy you ain't going nowhere
Inside the wall of silence
Inside the wall of silence
Don't say a word
You've got to cover these walls
Bring down the wall
Fly over the wall
Tear it down

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