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Nights in White Satin - text


Who is the clown?
Who is the fool?
Which one knows he is playing
and which one is last in the game?

I can hear the voice, why can't they?
I am glad I wasn't born into your world.
It would be sad to be born into a world
that does not believe in love anymore.

I am not wrong!
They say they understand me
But I can't stand to be understood.

I like for people to like me
But they can never understand why I don't belong to anyone.

Who am I?
I am all of you.
I belong to everyone, because I belong to no one.

In my world there is no time.
Time is being born and dying.
Beyond time is living without being afraid
Without trying to catch something
Or run away from something.
You can't get away from alone.

You have to be alone before you can find other people.
You can't hold onto life
You can only touch it.

How old is forever?
When is too old to hope?
You're tired and I'm not.
You live against time
And I have time to live.

In my world, nothing has always been
So nothing will always be.
In my world we can still believe in hope.

If you believe in forever
You build a wall around the now.

What is, is always changing
If it isn't, then we are dying.

I live in an ocean of time
Where the past is lost in the future.
There is time for everything
There is time to love, to hope, to change.

(Nobody knows me now)

Text přidala Richenza

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