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Invitation to the White House - text


It was a dream
Just a dream I had on my mind
But when I woke up this morning
No white house could I find
I dreamed I had an invitation to the white house
It was the first of the year The President said, “Eric I’m sure glad you are here!”
I’ve inherited a country that’s running wild
He said I’m so frustrated I’m asking you for your advice

But it was a dream, just a dream
I had on my mind
When I woke up this morning
No president could I find
I said you gotta open up those borders
I’m talking the North and the South
Let’s make friends with our neighbors
We can turn this thing around
We should make friends with the Canadians
They got more than just snow
And there’s a labor force waiting In the land of Mexico
I said war is an addiction
And the junkies don’t want to stop
They’re making tons of money
With every drip of blood that drops
If you want to be a hero?
Let’s fix America first
Make That miracle happen
You’ll be the hero of the whole world
I know Mr. President
You’ve been given a loaded hand
And War is our culture
Ever since the world began
I said, bring them troops home
And let’s fix this country first
We have the right to happiness
But you gotta get down in the dirt
When I woke up this morning
No president could I find
Just a dream I had on my mind

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