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Goin' back to Memphis
Cause I heard you were dying
Gonna ride that lonesome train
Got to hold back these tears l've been cryin'
But l've been cryin' for mother earth
And l've been cryin' just for you
I've been crying for everyone
And all the pain we do

Goin' back to Memphis
That's where I wanna be
Heard it in a song
And they say it won't be long until I'll be in
Memphis, Tennessee

See you in white sheets on the sixteenth floor
Of the municipal hospital
An angel at your head, and an angel at your feet
Downtown, Memphis
And they sing the blues for you
I looked down into my whisky
You turned around with a smile on your face
You said, one day he'll return to Memphis, Tennessee
Just have faith in the music
It's the only thing we've got to keep us (together)
Going back to Memphis
That's where I wanna be
Heard it in a song, and they say it won't be long
Until I'll be with you baby in Memphis, Tennessee
Heard it when I was very very young
The man kept on talking 'bout
Memphis, Tennessee

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