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If you've laughed, if you've cried,
Then you've lived the Life... you have died.
I don't mind if the Sun don't shine,
And the Winds don't howl.

So the blues carried me away
Into the dreams of naked slumber.
I don't mind if the World decdes
To fall asunder.

If I see you again, and you should favour me,
Don't give in to the thought of pulling me behind.
'Cause I don't mind if the fire don't burn
In my soul.

Should the space of the Universe
Be collected in one room,
It would not fill all the emptiness
Left by you.

I can see in your eyes that lonely paradise
Watching me, helplessly, as love goes rolling by.
I don't mind.
I can sing a song to ease my pain.

Should I seek lover's revenge.
Should I weep over the end.
No, I don't mind if the fire don't burn
In your soul.

I don't mind if the world decides
To let you go.

Text přidala Richenza

Soul of a Man

Eric Burdon texty

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