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You recall Big Red? He spent most of his life out on
The road
Searching for that enigmatic devil slide, but he could
Never forget
What Muddy said. Glass is best.
We was on that midnight train, driving to San Sebastian
When he took a dead bottle of Beaujolais,
Slipped his ring finger into it's neck and broke off
The remains.
Then he looked at me with a gleam in his eyes and said,
"Eric, look out here comes the devil slide".

The devil's on the loose
Waving his brand new pitch fork
He's still looking good
He's been polishing his horns
In order to bleed souls
Even those who have never been born

The devil's on the loose
Riding in a brand new car
With a suit and tie and a Japanese cellular
He goes to church and prays
But he knows that faith don't come in jar

The devil's on the loose
Stirring his cauldron of bliss
And we taste the flavor
Not knowing we're already a part of this

At the doors of every house
The dogs begin to bark
The devil's on the loose and his eyes
Can see in the dark
He's going to give you double of everything
You never asked for

The devil's on the loose
Excited to have a new start
He preserves his tail
And loans out his two big hearts
One to keep you busy
And the other to tear you apart

The devil's on the loose
And we're stuck in the middle of his game
We're talking it over
But nobody knows what they're saying
So let's make love baby
I'll see you some old sunny day

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