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Dolly Dagger - text


Here comes Dolly Dagger (strong) (it's)
Her love's so heavy, she's gonna make you stagger
Dolly Dagger, she drinks her blood from a jagged edge
Been riding broom stricks since she was 15
Blowing out all the other witches on the scene

She got a bull whip just as long as your life
Her tongue can ever scratch the soul of the devil's wife
Well I see her in action at the players choise
Turning all the love men into doughnut boys

Hey, red hot Momma step aside
This chik's gonna turn you to a block of ice - look out!
Look at burned out superman
Trying to shoot his dust on the sun
Captain Coconut is dead on the run
The words of love, do they ever touch Dolly Brown
Better get some highway and clear out of town

(She ain't satisfied 'til she gets what she's after
She drinks her blood from a jagged edge
You better watch out, baby, here comes your master)

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