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Too Many Tears - text

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Don't know what lead up to this
I don't have a clue
How did things get tangled up
I never meant to hurt you
You should have been there for me baby
Standing right by my side
Now things have changed and I've got to go
To many tears have been cried
To many tears, to many tears oh I've cried in vain, I've cried in vain
Ooh to many tears, to many tears oh they drown just like rain oh to many tears
I've tried to be strong
I've tried to do you right
But you left me all alone
One to many nights
When I needed you the most
Emptiness was all I got
I'm not gonna cry no more
I've shed my last teardrop
Everything is gonna be ok baby
Both of us will survive
Lets be thankful for the love we shared
And not for those tears that we cried
[Chorus 2x]

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