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Guess What - text


Your house all messed up, baby
And your line don't sound true
I smell a rat
'Cause it stinks all over you, say
You're dipping and double dippin'
And that's the dirty name, yeah
But guess what, baby?
Don't you know that two can play the game?
Yes, I popped up my entire house
Broke up my dirty dishes
You better [incomprehensible]
Running 'round one of the bitches
[incomprehensible], hush your mouth
Put your hands down too, yeah
'Cause when you point your finger
You got three pointing back at you
It won't break my heart if you say goodbye
I ain't going to suffer and I doubt you ain't [incomprehensible]
Go ahead and leave me, I tell you, I won't be alone, alone, no
Let me tell you something, guess what, baby
Your know your little sister want to try me on

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