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Blues Don't Care feat. Gary Clark, Jr. - text

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Blues don't care if you're young or old,
A real big deal or some poor soul.
Makes no different if you're wrong or right,
Blues will track you down, it's gonna pick a fight.
Blues don't care, blues don't care.
I know, 'cause I've had my share.
It'll creep up on you when you least expect,
Make the hair stand up on the back of your neck,
Try to run but there ain't no escape,
It's a middle finger on the hand up faith,
Oh don't care. Blues ain't fair.
I know, 'cause I've had my share.
You can buy insurance, try to ease your mind,
Lock up your woman and hide your wine,
Bury your money in the cold hard ground,
But the blues are gonna get you some way, somehow.
Blues don't care, no blues don't care.
I know, yes y'all, 'cause I really had my share.

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