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Morning light shines from the west
Ageless warmth awakens from its rest
Lost cold of the moon, chill of the stars
The sun spreading life, the end of a war
Once again the dark is driven away
But this day is forever to stay
Watching its face, the ending of its age
The whole world trembling in rage

Slumber from its cradle
Wakens to begin
Lost in this world
Crying death
Start of an ending
Birth of a time
Birth of a time of ice

I'm standing at the gates of the ending
Watching its vortices swirl
Escaping from doom's mouth opening
Invincible, ineffable, unconquerable
Time has no more measure
The last word I would ever form
Nevermore, nevermore

Nearing death with life everywhere
Sunlight pierces the impenetrable dark
Without the without there is no within
No morality, no virtue without its sin
And the vision unfolds its wings
And takes flight to the end of all things
What you have melted shall freeze again soon
Night comes at the tolling of noon

See this sleeping silence of snow
How she screams
This avalanche never-ending
Once seen in fearful dreams
And she shall rise
A phoenix in tears
Lost wisdom and justice
She shall kill


Her tears; a river to cover the land in ice
That somber splendor restored in her eyes
A cradle of life, the frozen bath of Bathory
And again she is still, fairest sleeping beauty


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