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Thus I Became Kronos - text


I am the dawn of empires
The raven cloaked in sun
The sun that shines forevermore
The land is dark in night
Still rivers blood-red run
But the ashes of war shall be redeemed
And you will see!

I shall be Deimos
As you flee from sacrament-light
But you cannot hide from justice
The solstice, the binding chains of truth....
Enslave you to my truth!

I am the dusk of kingdoms
A raven cloaked in stars
Powers undreamed now bend their knees
You are free as I decreed:
Not of sea, we are of sun.
Blind remains the truth unleashed:
Men bow to monsters, not to the beast

Thus I become Kronos,
My sons' last sacrifice-grave
The tyrant names his traitor
The God that defiles his name!

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