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Stormsoul - text


What came of this world?
In vain they spoke against the tides of cities, burned
What came of my sins?
Stifle out the shing light within,
Shut out the sun!

I will... never give... never repent!
So war my words
The tide will turn and drown the fear
And then... then you shall see

I am still free!
The stone, burning like the sun;
My fame... I am become a name!

I've dreamt the stars beyond the impossible:
Waging wars
Locked in chains of mortal coil
Though you cage me, my soul's beyond the door:
It lives in my words
It finds a fertile soil

I heard the call of the depths
I've felt the tough of the stars
I've been the slayer of my Gods
And I will be the end of yours!
My body is bound but my soul runs wild
Wording the landscapes of my mind
Dreaming so free!
Against the dying of the light

I am set free!
The stone, fading with the sun;
My grave... I am become a name!

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