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Slayer of Gods - text


And so blood poured out
Of wrath
Despair and doubt now left to die...

The night cursed the sun
Restraints of fury undone
Left alone, in silence untold
Left beheaded my statues and thrones
Rain driving the needles of fate
My hands, unveiled, remain unseen.
I cover the skies, I sharpen my hate
I close my eyes and face the storm beyond

Beyond the crimson dawn
The flames reveal far away the stars
One thing you shall know:
The silences conquers all

Reborn in wrath
Without a war
Forsaken path
A man no more

I gaze upon the void
A murdered world, a tainted soil
I am beast: The slayer of Gods
Yet why do I feel this pain?
I wish not to see, and never to feel
But in freedom run through the landscapes
To serve nothing! But this hate, has it
All but consumed me in vain?

In vain do whispers call?
Screaming silence in the dark!
The starlight turned skies ablaze like the sun!
It burns through my heart...
Facing, proud, the storm
Through the pain, I saw:
The silence conquers all!

And so I fall...

Beyond even the stars, in a far more distant horizon
Where even a whisper is louder than thunder
I viewed an invincible tyrant
In a madness of drums in unfathomable depths
I caress'd that fiery emptiness
I held it in my fist
And I was not humbled
My soul... found it's way home!

Beyond the vast distance, I heard the stars
Bound by these chains of man
A beast I am...
No... No...
No more!

"I see all the worlds we've undone
And my hands, futile, tried to grasp something tangible..."

Awaken to our void...

A world of bones, where blind men dwell
Flames feast on the sheen of a wishing well
Moments of kings, of tyrants of hell
A dead man whose tales I tell
So to the crows I yield my flesh
My spirit torn in pains worse than death
The bells, the bells, the bells; they groan...
I atone and accept there is only despair

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Slayer of Gods

Brymir texty

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