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blood will run again
through the lead-red skies ascend
screams of dying men
from the depths they call thee:
descend eden! and turn
from the seats of ancient gods
lead them from travesty
to the gates of heresy!

this silence; a sacrifice
a prayer not even whispered
and unseen; the rule of dice
just serpent coils, the still-born phantasm
dreams o’ doctrine
– as i hold the gate
transcend, and see:
– i am the key
born of sea…
– sullen, savage… free!

the risen hold their paradise
– the fallen l*st for sacrifice!

ignorant armies, side by side
come taste the burning evening tide
to darkness… ride!

formless, the palaces
whose walls now stain’d in blood
run sighs, and tears
to a labyrinth-void of fears
fall keepers of paradise;
to a destined land, a paradox;
now join us, your sacrifice
through the gates of heresy…

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