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The lands are struck with sorrow
An overwhelming fear
The prophecy of an ending
The last day is near
The ones chosen to battle
A great quest they bear
The warriors are gathered
The wisdom of the prophet, hear!
Soldiers, brothers and allies
Hear my words
On you I trust the burden
To defend our world
Lightning strikes
The sun is blackened
The whole world shakes
And burning fragments rain
The thousands of warriors
Chosen to fight
In grief they are marching
Through the night
The ancient terror will rise
As foretold by the wise:
"Tämä ikuisesti pelätty loppu meitä lähestyy.
Taivaalta sataa verta ja susi meidän jumalamme syö.
Ei kukaan säästy kuolemalta. Ikuisen kaaoksen valta.
Tämä on viimeinen yö"
Serpent! From the endless depths, rise!
Into oblivion this world will demise
Forgotten terror unleashing its wrath
The seven seas into chaos lash
Not only by sea does evil descend
Every corner of this world fire giants will rend
Every man and god will fall
Ragnarök will crush you all!
Brandishing a sword of revenge
Surtr brings death to all manner of things
Fumes will reek and flames will burst
But the giant king destroys himself
Yggdrassil will shake from root to summit
Earth, heaven and hell will quiver
Nothing is left after destruction's work
Behold the power of mighty Ragnarök!

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