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Pantheon of Forsaken Gods - text


The ancient temples crumbling and their wisdoms long gone
The fire of sacrifice, now tended by none
For altars were constructed for the Gods that spoke of peace
But the ancient oath was broken, the serpent was unleashed

The amassing darkness loomed ahead and the leaders of their people bled
Souls as black as the starless midnight sky, they cry
At the pantheon of of forsaken Gods

With the flames now raging skywards from the darkest pits beneath
The forsaken fathers rising with the traitors at their feet
The ancient tomes were opened
And the wisdoms once more spoken
But the final pages stated; their fate was sealed

The sky now raining embers and the stars turned to dust
Above, their sun was vanishing and the silver moon undone
Above the storm they harken to the serpent Gods request
"Curse you for your insolence, your world I will set ablaze!"

In eternal pain they will confine amongst the flames their fathers name they cried
Souls as black as the darkest midnight sky they die
At the pantheon of forsaken Gods

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Slayer of Gods

Brymir texty

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