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Void and blind,
I watched the frozen surface
Frozen and hollow beyond
Beyond the emptiness, a child cried
Cast the fear from my eyes
Some told tales of deception
Of poison in disguise
Words unspoken, walls lay broken
Beyond the surface I saw the sun

We will divide
We shall collide
We will defy, the lie
With wings unchained
Soaring to the sky

Silence has condemned us
Into perpetual night
Deceiving visions created
By rays of blinding light
Silence shall be broken
The drapery shall be torn
With furious truth, undaunted
I call the roar of the storm

We will divide
We shall collide
We will define, a time
The stars unfold
Calling to the blind

They can't distinguish the outlines of a future
Formed by hands that keep them in the dark
Held imprisoned within walls inexistent
To the eyes too corrupted to see

You can't deny the presence of untruthful statements
Made to bind the fear within the mind
Made to blind, to cover the eyes
From seeing the layers and layers of lies

Layers and layers of lies...

The war-torn landscapes
Open, an endless sea
A sea the stillborn man can't begin to see
Without a cry
They drown in the depths of lies
Remaining blind
Blind to the truth that never dies

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