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The light is fading
But I seek no shelter
For a wish was born after sunset
And through the gathering shadows
I shall wander, in search of the light
The promise made so long ago
To find that warmth and the glow
Once seen in the dream of a pure heart
Shall lead my soul through the dark...

It grips my heart

I behold the gathering darkness
The beast that slowly stirs
Never yielding, never healing
For a flame within still burns
I know that the shadows will take me
But never break me; for a glimpse of a star
Dying within, free from sin
The last breath still reaching for truth

Shackled in chains of humanity
Shackled in chains of weakness
Shackled in chains of unending hunger
Never torn asunder
But that star once shined through the walls of my heart
I saw the dream that I feared
And the stormwinds blew to be born anew
To die to fight for my life
Fight for my life...

See the countless aeons turn
Bu the flame within still burns


Text přidala AgnesObscure

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