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A Free Man's Path - text


Trapped in a room without walls
Forced to walk this darkened road
When I come to a crossroad
And the way divides into three separate paths
I walk the one out of my dream
And awake in tears

As a blood-red sun is rising
The icy landscape flashing by
I've never felt such feelings
Never felt so alive
I run faster than ever before
And I know my destination

I had this dream, a vision of myself
Imprisoned, tormented, screaming for help
Now awake I realise, I see what I am
I feel more free than ever
I am my own king

Fears, enemies alike to be won
A path to make the past undone
I proudly watch the rising sun
The way to freedom has begun

Fueled by my own desire
I climb higher
Fueled by my inner fire
I reach my peak

I have always been running
Thinking I'm forced to
Now I know the truth
Freedom has begun

I stop and turn around
Seeing the path that I carved

My tracks in the snow
Show my independence
I led myself where I stand
Not forced nor guided

The tracks behind me fade away
And I ask myself a question
Will this last forever
This freedom

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