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Old Enough - text


Everyone I know has assembled here for my final goodbye
People I haven't conversed with in years & those who'd thought I'd died

But I'm not ready, I saw the world yesterday
and found I'm on a dot on a map
There's all this talk amongst us all of settling
but I don't think I am ready for that

I know in a few months I'll take back this song and praise the new one that I love
But give her time and then she will be gone; I won't know what I was talking of

'Cause no one's ready to love a problematic kid
A schizophrenic mess from the start
One day he'll tell you that it's you who makes his world
And the next he'll say you tore it apart

Love and luck are similar
But we seem to need love just to get by
Now I'm beginning to see all the beauties of being alone this time
But how long will this last, I don't know

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