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Jahlil Beats, holla at me
Yeah, leggo
It's what they wanted right?
Black shades, dark tint
Your girl, nigga, I get it in
Stick shiftin', switchin' and burnin' out in the Benz
Wood grippin', kissin' all of they model friends
Mr. Dolo (Dolo), with a bunch of freaks
And you know they get the party bouncin' like a pogo
I'm in slow mo
But fast forward me to the part where me and your girl underneath the sheets
Just keep your eyes on
Got a whole bunch of niggas behind me wearin' red, Verizon
New money, I get my super size on
I like a long hair, bad chick, thighs long
Haha, knowin' all the words to my songs
And she fuckin' every girl that's in my phone
Ha ha, I'm-I'm-I'm so fly
Flight miles up 'cause I'm so high
Huh, lil' nigga get your cheese up
Black Ice on my neck, make you freeze up
Oh, you worried 'bout me? Go figure
I ain't sweatin' it, fuck them old niggas
Lambo', Range Rove', with my pants low
I got the audience clappin' like a backboard
She put her hands up and then I stand up
And get to workin' on the pole like a dancer
I double up, I call it double Dutch
Two girls at the same time, what the fuck?
Rabbit foot in the air 'cause my luck is up
Bring the first aid out 'cause I'm cuttin' up
Bang, bang, now that's some G shit
No chain gang, like I'm really on some free shit
They jaw dropped, I'm leavin' niggas speechless
World premiere, get a sneak peek, bitch
I'm great, today is a new day
Fuckin' with me, do the moonwalk on your face
No games, I'm oh so serious
And y'all niggas straight pussy, period
They say a singer can't rap, I ain't hearin' it
'Cause after these couple songs. I been killin' shit
Oh no, niggas sayin' I'm loco
But they Pinocchio niggas, watch they nose grow
It's Young Money, shout-out my nigga Tyga too
They on their first mixtape, I'm on volume two
Turn me up, I'll show you what a tiger do
And I'ma rip this beat up like lion food
Louis luggage and the case for the passport
I don't buy shit, nigga. I ask for it
I'm the freshest, I'm the best
I suggest that I get it off my motherfuckin' chest, Breezy

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